About Band Fees

Student band accounts are managed using a web based application called FreshBooks.  Invoices are sent out electronically via email. You can pay your band fees any of the following ways:

  • Pay using the PayPal button below

  • Follow the link in your invoice and pay using PayPal - note this only allows you to pay the full amount

  • Send in a check or money order made out to GCHSBB. Make sure to label the envelope with the Students name, amount in envelope, what the money is for and the date.

 If you are not receiving your invoices via email or if you have a question about your fees, contact Lori Parker at sogbandfees@gmail.com with your preferred email address & your student's name.

Band Fee Payments

To make a payment, click the PayPal Buy Now button below. 

Note:  The button below only allows partial payments in the increments designated.  In order to pay the full balance, please follow the payment link in your email invoice.  To make all other payment amounts, please send in a check or money order made out to GCHSBB.

This years band fees are as follows:

  • Band Fee: $175/year

  • Marching Shoes: $30

  • Instrument Rental (includes percussion & large brass): $40 year

  • Concert Black: Tux - Dress - $80-120

  • BCA Fee: $40

Shoes and Concert Uniform are additional charges that are REQUIRED for new band members, but are not recurring since these items can be reused each year.  Additional costs you may incur this year could include, but are not limited to:

  • All County/Region/State audition fees

  • Band Pictures

  • Band Show T-Shirts

  • Gloves/accessories

  • Winter Guard

  • Guard uniforms

  • Classroom supplies (Reeds, books, tuners, etc..)

Pay using PayPal

Band Fee Payment Options

FAQ's About Band Fees

Q. I recently made a payment but it is not reflected in my balance, what do I do?

A. Payments made from the invoicing site (that takes you to PayPal) are credited INSTANTLY.  Payments made from the payment button above on this website may take up to 4 days.  Payments via check could take up to 30 days to process.  Please contact Mr. Adams at sogbandfees@gmail.com with your receipt number and amount of the check to rush a credit to your account.  We apologize for any delays.


A.  If your student has an invoice from a previous year that has not been paid in full, all payments will be credited to that invoice until it is PAID.  Future payments will be credited to the current invoice.

Q.  My student volunteered for a fundraiser but the credit isn't showing on my account, why not?

A.  Sometimes it takes longer than expected to calculate each students fundraising credit and put it in a format that can then be transferred to the Financial Chair, who then credits students accounts.  This process could take up to 30 days.

Q.  I have never received an invoice in my email, how can I set that up?

A.  Send your name, your students name and up to three email addresses to sogbandfees@gmail.comto receive invoice links via email.

Q. What is Charms?

A.  Charms is our online accounting system.  Each student has a band account.  Each account has a separate invoice for each year.  For example, if your student has been in band for 3 years, you will have 3 invoices.  You can see each invoice from your Account Statement page link that gets sent via email.