The Berkeley Center for the Arts  at Goose Creek High School


Wind and Percussion Studies – Program Overview

The Berkeley Center for the Arts is an advanced program of study incorporating advanced technical proficiency on musical instruments with an emphasis on both individual and ensemble skills. Admission is by audition only. Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, the Spirit of Gold Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble and an active chamber music program form the core of the Wind and Percussion Studio at the Berkeley Center for the Arts. All members are expected to audition for County, Region and All-State Bands and perform solo literature in the spring recitals.  In addition, all members are required to participate in all regularly scheduled performances. Students will also be tested in their knowledge of performance practices, theory and music history. Students graduating from this program should not only demonstrate technical proficiency on their instruments, but also be able to create, perform, evaluate and think analytically about music in general. Graduates will be prepared to pursue music at the college level either as music majors or minors.



Wind and Percussion Studies - Course Requirements

All Wind and Percussion Studio students must take two music courses their freshman and sophomore years (W&P I, II, Music History/Theory I, II). During their junior and senior years, students must take their band class (Wind and Percussion III and IV) and may opt to take another music elective (Jazz Ensemble, AP Music Theory, Steel Drums or Orchestra Winds).  All performing ensemble classes are determined by audition.  

The following is the list of ensembles available to Wind and Percussion Students:

Wind Ensemble                    Trumpet Choir                     Chamber Winds         
Symphonic Band                  Saxophone Choir                 Flute Choir
Orchestra Winds                  Clarinet Choir                       Double Reed Quartet
Jazz Ensemble                      Quintets
Percussion Ensemble          Quartets 


Application for Berkeley Center for the Arts at Goose Creek High School can be downloaded below.